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HR Benefits Consulting FirmConsulting

  • Identify your goals and objectives
  • Assess risk in advance
  • Discover areas for improvement
  • Educate you before the fact about all aspects of your benefits plan
  • Identify the information necessary to give you the best quotes possible from the marketplace


  • Accurate preparation of your request for proposal
  • Detailed analysis of the proposal/claims data into an informative and actionable presentation

Accessible, personal service

  • Implement your plan of benefits
  • Employee meetings as you deem necessary
  • Active employee communication to help your employees understand their benefits
  • Problem resolution from billing to claims

For our clients, the most intense period of activity is generally the three month period before your effective date as this is the time we meet with you to identify your goals and objectives, prepare your request for proposal, market your plan of benefits, present our analysis and implement your plan of benefits. By starting three months ahead of your effective date, we allow for a thoughtful, calm transition that has minimal disruption to you and your employees.