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Innovative Strategies

Review of your contribution strategy

HR Benefits Consulting FirmIt might sound simple, but many employers that offer multiple plans do not have a properly balanced contribution strategy. Do you want to direct your employees to certain plans? Do you want to provide a greater subsidy to one plan over another? If you are out of balance, how do we transition toward balance? Are you losing employees because of the cost of participating in your plan? We can help you answer these questions and decide the best course of action.

Network analysis

Are you paying for more network than you need? Do you need the Mayo Clinic in your network? Are you optimizing provider discounts? Do your employees have reasonable access to providers? We will analyze your situation, make sense of these questions and provide you with the right answers.

Underwriting review

What were your large claimants? What was the nature of the claim? Is it ongoing, such as cancer, or closed, such as a completed, successful pregnancy? Is the individual still covered under your plan? If you have very high pricing, explaining why this is the case will allow the marketplace to feel more comfortable with your risk—especially if the large claimants are no longer part of your plan.

Plan funding

Should you be partially self insured? What are the advantages to partially self insured? What arHR Benefits Consulting Firme the advantages of being fully insured? Are plan holders partially or fully self insuring benefits such as short term disability, dental vision and medical? Is this viable for your employees? Who should administer your plan?

We ask many questions because your answers will help formulate your INNOVATIVE STRATEGIES and allow us to optimize your results.