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Foundation Benefits

The cornerstone of a successful benefit plan

Foundation Benefits are the cornerstone of a successful employee benefits plan. Foundation Benefits protect your employees from medical, disOffering Employee Benefitsability and death events that can financially cripple a family.

Foundation Benefits include:

Some facts to consider:

  1. Five percent of the population consumes 49 percent of the nation’s healthcare expenses.
  2. There is a 36 percent chance that a 45-year-old employee will have one long-term disability of at least three months before age 65.
  3. The national long-term disability rate is 3.5 disabilities per 1,000 workers.
  4. According to a February 2005 Harvard study, illness and medical bills were cited as the cause - at least in part - for 46.2 percent of personal bankruptcies.

Properly designed Foundation Benefits will go a long way in protecting your employees from financial peril while allowing them to focus on contributing to the success of your organization without the worry of being uninsured or underinsured.