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Part Time/Hourly Programs

Insurance benefits for part-time and hourly workers

These plans provide limited medical benefits for employees working hourly or on a part time basis. Part Time/Hourly programs are structured so that an employee allocates a certain amount of their pay per hour to purchase HIPAA compliant (this is very important because it gives the insured portability credit under HIPAA) Part Time/Hourly Programsmedical insurance. These plans have annual calendar year maximums of less than $50,000, limited prescription drug benefits, limited preventive care benefits, limited pregnancy benefits and limited emergency room benefits.

They provide the insured with ease of underwriting (no individual underwriting), HIPAA portability, access to provider discounts beyond the plan maximum (this is very important when discounts for in network services can be up to 50 percent) and affordability of premium (fifty-five cents per hour assuming a 20 hour work week, employee only coverage) at the expense of very limited medical insurance protection (between $7,500 and $50,000 calendar year maximum along with the other limits mentioned above). Programs can be established for employees (and their dependents) working as few as 10 hours per week.