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Short Term Disability

Offering Short-Term Disability Insurance Benefits

Short term disability insurance provides income protection for disabilities of typically less than one year.

Most short term disability benefits have a benefit duration of 13 or 26 weeks with benefits payable shortly after the disabling event.

Benefits can be as high as paying 70% of an employees salary to $2,000 per week to as little as a flat $100 per week.

Short term disability is a non-occupational benefit that does not integrate with Work Comp. Besides being a benefit that aids in the retention/attraction of employees, this benefit can also lower Work Comp premiums as well (especially when one considers that 16% of short term disabilities are due to back disorders).

This benefit can be offered on an employer sponsored voluntary basis (the employee pays 100% of the premium, benefits are not taxable to the employee), employer funded basis either fully insured or administrative services only where the planholder accesses the carriers claim logic to adjudicate the short term disability claim